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SKIN ALPHABET | high on skin actives | aloe_lecithin-made | clean | fragrance-free | budget-friendly AND amazing formulas

innovating skincare | est 2020


Anti-inflammatory skincare helps to reduce skin oxidation, glycation and cell-damage. Probiotics strenghten the skin microbiome, phospholipids help restore the skin barrier. ACTIVES are ARBUTIN, RETINOL (VITAMIN A), NIACINAMIDE (Vitamin B3), VITAMIN C (Ascorbic Acid), HYALURONIC ACID, PANTHENOL (Vitamin B5), PEPTIDES or UREA to visibly improve skin

ULTRASOUND technology creates a microlamellar structure identical to the skins own lipidsystem. Actives are embedded and time-released in the skin. CLEANZERO formulas are free of microplastic (PEGS,...), synthetic polymers (ie Silicones), additives (Acrylates,Carbomers,..) and skin allergens (FRAGRANCE FREE)

bio-lamellar base from phospholipids | probiotic and high on skinactives| vegan and cruelty-free| fragrance free and clean




skin goodness comes from the base, not just the featured actives. Product base is bio-fermented, made with organic aloe vera, a blend of 10 different organic oils from argan to shea and non-gmo lecithin. Only natural skinactives like BAKUCHIOL, CENTELLA, RESVERATROL or NUTGRAS. Textures are velvety and fast-absorbing leaving a natural glow. Our CLEANZERO standard is free of polymers, additives and skin allergens (FRAGRANCE FREE, NO ESSENTIAL OILS)

80% organic | 100% natural| bio-fermented with water kefir grains | vegan and cruelty-free| pure lecithin bas (non-gmo)




serum strength in a cream

functional skinare means to get a solution for skin problems, skin conditions and the most important molecules - vitamin A (retinol), vitamin C - moisture being the basis requirement for all skin types

ORGANIC THE NEW BEAUTY comes with 100% natural ingredients and is minumim 80% organic quality

THE CLINICAL BEAUTY has additionally synthetic actives to the already good working natural actives

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2020 skincare - key features

If u are looking for a new generation of skincare - with visible effects and based on science, beyond water-skincare - come and check out our brands

bio-lamellar skincare, based on plant cell lipids transform your skin in combination with high% of actives. For increased effectiveness products are bio-fermented and based on organic aloe veras and oils - supercharged with micronutrients 

CLEAN is not a marketing-term for us. Products are free of any suspicious base ingredients - no microplastic, no polymers, no additives and no irritants. Period

ORGANIC, CLINICAL or as convenient DO-IT-YOURSELF product. U choose - its 2020

transform your skin | with bio-lamellar skincare

plant cell lipids contain building blocks of human skin lipids. With ultrasound technology, we transform plant lipids into fresh new skin barrier lipids. For bio-lamellar skincare we add probiotics, organic nutrients and lamellar embed actives 

visibly transform your skin: 1. experience smoother skin with natural glow 2. refine and re-texture 3. repair a compromised skin barrier and 4. activate your skin as more ingredients go into deeper skin 

choose ORGANIC (80% organic 100% natural) or CLINICAL skincare (includes actives like retinol, niacinamide, peptides among others) 

we are a 'YES' brand - just want to let u know what we refrain from

our mission is to develop pure products - starting from non-gmo plant cell lipids, we refrain from using animal ingredients and are cruelty free

plastics and polymers are still common in skincare - sometimes with positive skin effects but with negative effects for the environment. Various synthetic toxins are included in some products - all in allowed dosage under cosmetic law - but still not necessary

We firmly believe effective and fast-absorbing skincare is possible - with velvety textures but no silicones. Fragrance free but still a good scent

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