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Serum in Lecithin | 15% Ascorbic Acid | Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Protect your skin with Vitamin C Brightening Serum which is a strong anti-oxidant that fights with free radicals building from UV-light absorption. Product formula of Vitamin C Brightening Serum with 15% pure ascorbic acid 

  • with organic aloe Vera (water free)
  • made with phospholipids from lecithin 
  • cleanZero formula (no microplastic, no polymers, no additives, no allergens)

suggested usage: apply to face and massage in gently until completely absorbed. Use morning and evening or as necessary
skin type: all
skin concern: brightening and rejuvenation
formulation: serum in lecithin
highlighted ingredient: ascorbic acid

ingredients (inci):

aloe barbadensis leaf juice (organic), propylene glycol (natural), ascorbic acid (vitamin c), pentylene glycol (humectant, natural), phosphatidylcholine (lecithin, natural)


Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

My oily skin is not likely to be friends with most skincare formulas. Anything I apply on my face, makes my skin break out. The fact that I can use this product either at day or night time without any issues is what makes it one of my favorites. It gives my skin a slightly matte effect. I’m satisfied with the results I’ve seen so far.


5 stars! I use it every day, specially in my morning routine I find that it works better this way for me. It’d be amazing if you could use it on a daily basis, it truly does wonders for your skin.


Pretty good product. This serum plumps my skin, and also hydrates it. I’ve tried plenty of high-end products, and this one is as good, or even better than those ones, for less than a third part of the price.


Nowadays, I don’t have acne issues, but I had in the past, and this left me with a lot of dark spots and scars. I discovered this product and it changed my life from the first use. It has considerably made my dark spots brighter. I feel that it burns a little, but this is something that happens to me often with many products. You should give it a try, since this is a more natural alternative compared to other products in the market.


The consistent use of this product has allowed me to get a more even skintone, a better texture and has given a bit of hydration to my skin, which has made my skin look a bit younger. My hyper sensitive skin was frightened of this at first, but I’ve gone well with this serum. You get a decent amount of product for a fair price. It’s a good deal 


This can be a tone flawlessness serum from Olay which states that it contains vitamin B3 and C as its essential fixings. It advertises that it can brighten skin which it is deductively demonstrated that one drop can obviously reestablish one million skin cells. Aside from the showcasing, I have been giving this a attempt over the past month. Utilizing it is lovely straightforward: you apply it to your confront after taking a shower and you knead it into your skin. Not as well difficult, in spite of the fact that my one complaint would be that the consistency is very lean. For that reason, it incorporates a dropper included with the cover so merely can drop little sums of the fluid out to apply to your confront. It would be less demanding to apply equally in case it were more like a cream in spite of the fact that, as after you drop the fluid onto your hand it tends to run into your fingers and is harder to keep it all from getting away. I have moreover attempted dropping it specifically on my confront at that point rubbing it in, but it tends to run down my confront exceptionally rapidly. Once more, not a bargain breaker but would.


Been utilizing this item some weeks presently. The citrus fragrance smells so great. I cherish how this serum goes on like water and makes my confront feel exceptionally delicate and my skin truly feels hydrated. I appreciate that Face ME is generally all normal and natural. I had to purchase the other as


This face serum could be a awesome magnificence care item with its vegan-based fixings; all of which extracted from plants. The vitamin C impacts are apparent because it battles off free-radicals to indeed the skin tone as well as make it delicate and full. Other skincare items are known for their cruel chemical impact on skin that results in dampness misfortune and in the long run diminishing skin brightness. But with this Skin Letter set item, you can stay stress free because it does the work of making a normal barrier to vent dampness misfortune. I feel as if my skin is getting restored unmistakably. On the off chance that typically not the confirmation of a awesome item, I don’t know what is.


It truly makes a difference with discoloration, the spots that I have collected from popping bumps have vanished after a week to 2 weeks after utilizing this item, I would certainly suggest, note: I am a dim skin African American lady, does not aggravate my skin but key counsel, make beyond any doubt your pores are Totally closed and utilize a toner, in case you fall flat to do so, you might encounter slight burning as in case you’re around to encounter a side impact but ordinarily your fine but don’t make it a propensity, I have greatly delicate skin so on the off chance that it works for me, ought to work for you! I have been utilizing this item for around a month and 2 weeks presently, I see a awesome distinction!


Usually awesome item, it does not feel oily at all. I did get the test whip olay I was not fan of it as well much. The as it were complain or proposal I have for the provider is that I wish these items came in fixed item box. Most of the time items like these have a few kind of seal/tape on the box. This didn’t have one so I was small concerned whether usually an genuine unused item or exchanged item.

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