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pore refining | skin alphabet | 15% niacinamide | serum-in-lecithin

15% niacinamide serum in a phospholipid base from pure plant cells.vegan and fragrance free | Niacinamide For Clogged Pores

this serum has 100% skinactive ingredients and 15% niacinamide for clogged pores. It is water-free, lecithin based and clean.

Niacinamide works as a general skin conditioner, helping to brighten, reduce sebum and helps reduce the size of pores. Enlarged pores often result from excess oil production in the skin and may be caused by hormonal changes. Enlarged pores are not specific to oily skin. Use this Niacinamide For Clogged Pores today which contains : 

  • 15% niacinamide, vitamin b3
  • water free, made with aloe vera
  • made with phospholipids (plant cell lipids)
  • clean formula (free of microplastic, polymers, additives and allergens)

suggested usage: apply to face and massage in gently until completely absorbed. Use morning and evening or as necessary
skin type: all skin types
skin concern: general skin conditioning, pore refining, sebum reducing and brightening 
formulation: serum in lecithin
highlighted ingredient: niacinamide

ingredients (inci):

aloe barbadensis leaf juice (organic), propylene glycol (natural), niacinamide (vitamin b3), pentylene glycol (humectant, natural), phosphatidylcholine (lecithin, natural)


Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients




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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I really wish I knew this brand before, This is gonna be my second bottle of this product. At first I experienced some breakouts in the zones of my skin that are most oily. However, I understand that this may be a normal response of the skin in some cases. But this is not too important when I compare it to the benefits that I’ve gotten from this serum. For me, this has been like a 85% pleasant experience. Quite nice.


Oily skin is a major concern if you use makeup on a daily basis. This is my biggest problem: due to excess sebum production, none of the foundations I try stay on my face longer than two hours, no matter which setting spray I use after applying it. This has truly changed after I started using this serum. I’m not too pleased with the very subtle scent it has, but I can ignore it because I mostly use it for my night routine. Will repurchase!


Aside from all the promises and the actual benefits you get from it, I think it’s really important to set the fact that this is not an acne treatment. Having said this: 15% niacinamide serum in lecithin is an amazing product. I was kinda doubtful when I purchased this item, but now I feel entitled enough to recommend it, specially if your skin is oily. No words for the feeling of the serum on your skin!


Niacinamide has to be the ingredient of the year, no, of the decade! It is a holy grail ingredient for oily skins. I’ve seen some changes in my skin since I first started using it. It has made my pores appear smaller, and has brightened some hyperpigmented zones due to severe acne breakouts in the past. 5 stars!


I highly recommend this product. It has helped me achieve balance of my skin, because it is oily at some zones and so dry at others, maybe because it’s acne-prone. It has helped my skin to recover from acne scars and, at the same time, has helped to mitigate it. I will order another size. The biggest one!

Thank you so much !

This confront serum feels so pleasant on my skin. Makes it smooth & delicate and works awesome with any confront moisturizer I’ve connected a short time later. I adore the list of fixings as well. And the bundling is eye-catching. Would buy once more.


Adore the feel – been searching for something like this A tint that covers but doesn’t see pale or unnatural. The as it were reason I’m giving a three star is my skin has more of a yellow tone .i would like them to coordinate it a small superior. It does work impeccably but as I’m a fussbudget a small more yellow tone/color would be a idealize coordinate for me particularly


I have utilized these items for numerous a long time and have by and large continuously enjoyed them. I was energized to see this item since when a item claims that it is 3 items in 1, well, in case it works at that point that will spare you a great bit of cash. I adore skin care and this expressed it was a pore idealizing serum cream with 24-hr dampness, serum and sunscreen. I think they ought to have begun out with sunscreen to begin with. The utilize enlightening on the box shows, “in fair one step, this serum cream replaces your every day moisturizer, serum and sunscreen.” A chart on the back of the box list the four dynamic fixings and their purposes all state SUNSCREEN. The “employments” expressed, “makes a difference avoid sunburn; in the event that utilized as coordinated with other sun assurance measures, diminishes the chance of skin cancer and early skin maturing caused by the sun.” The “headings” state, “For sunscreen Utilize – apply generously 15 minutes some time recently sun introduction; reapply at slightest each 2 hours (as well as other headings ordinarily seen on a bottle


was astounded by the sum of scope this has. It feels pleasant on the confront, not overwhelming. I got
this , which could be a extraordinary coordinate for my light medium unbiased skin tone. It hasn’t
turned orange- oxidized. It does have a dewy wrap up but on my dry skin not an over the top dewy look.
I would envision in the event that you have got sleek skin you won’t care for this. The as it were thing I
don’t care for is the dropper. I incline toward a press bottle as I like to put establishment, sunscreen on
my fingers to begin with, at that point apply to my confront. Extraordinary mineral sunscreen
establishment serum. A item I would really repurchase.

I'm satisfied with the results!

I am someone who has suffered from oily skin for a long time. This is coupled with my already enlarged
pores has often caused acne breakouts in past. But after using this Skin Alphabet product, I feel as if my
skin is completely rejuvenated. The Niacinamide extract in it helps to moisturize my skin as well as
reduces the sebum production that was clogging up my pores and causing acne breakouts. Now these
pores have reduced to normal size and my skin is brighter than ever. Why I find the product best for
myself is that it is devoid of any polymers and allergens that normal skincare products have in them. Due
to a sensitive skin I have to be very picky about this tuff and this product simply suits my needs.

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