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Clinical | Gesichtscreme | trockene Haut | 5% Urea

Creme hilft, die Anzeichen von Trockenheit zu reduzieren, die aus einem niedrigeren Lipidspiegel in der Haut resultieren. Trockene Haut ist bei kälterem Wetter und in Klimazonen mit geringerer Luftfeuchtigkeit häufig. Eine Quelle der Trockenheit kann eine beeinträchtigte Hautbarriere sein

  • 5% Harnstoff (ist eine organische Verbindung und hygroskopisch, was bedeutet, dass sie Feuchtigkeit an die äußerste Schicht unserer Haut binden kann)
  • 1% Niacinamid (Vitamin B3)
  • 10% Bio-Arganöl ist bekannt für seine beruhigenden Eigenschaften. Es ist reich an Vitamin E, einem fettlöslichen Vitamin, das als starkes Antioxidans dient, um die schädlichen Wirkungen freier Radikale zu reduzieren
  • enthält einen Komplex aus Algen-, Schachtelhalm- und Edelweißextrakt sowie Matrikinpeptiden
  • Probiotika aus Wasserkefirkörnern (Bifida, Lactobaccillus, Leukonostoc, Saccharomyces)
  • hergestellt mit natürlichen Phospholipiden
  • sauber (frei von Mikroplastik, Unangenehmem, Zusatzstoffen und Allergenen)
  • Produkt ist 94% natürlich und 82% organisch
  • vegan und frei von Grausamkeiten

Empfohlene Anwendung: Auf das Gesicht auftragen und sanft einmassieren, bis es vollständig eingezogen ist. Verwenden Sie morgens und abends oder nach Bedarf
Hauttyp : alle Hauttypen
Hautprobleme : Flüssigkeitszufuhr
Formulierung : Creme
Hervorgehobene Zutat: Harnstoff

Zutaten (Inci)

Aloe barbadensis (organisch) fermentiert Lysat (Bifida, Lactobaccillus, Leukonostoc, Saccharomyces), Olea Europaa Frucht (Olivenöl) (Bio), Argania Spinosa Kernöl (Argan) Öl (Bio), Pentylenglykol (Feuchthaltemittel, natürlich), Harnstoff, hydriert Phosphatidylcholin (Lecithin, natürlich), Glycerin (Feuchthaltemittel, natürlich), Niacinamid (Vitamin B3), Capryl- / Capric-Triglycerid (Mct-Öl, natürlich), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) -Butter (Bio), Leontopodium-Alpinum-Extrakt (Edelweiß) (natürlich) , Equisetum arvense (Schachtelhalm) -Extrakt (natürlich), Laminaria ochroleuca (Algen) -Extrakt (natürlich), Acetylhexapeptid-8, Palmitoylpentapeptid-4


Bitte beachten Sie, dass sich die Zutatenlisten von Zeit zu Zeit ändern oder variieren können. Die aktuellste Liste der Inhaltsstoffe finden Sie in der Zutatenliste auf der Produktverpackung, die Sie erhalten

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Highly recommended, it has worked for me. Due to my immunotherapy treatment, my skin gets dried a lot, and this cream serum has been like a savior for me.


My dermatologist recommended me a similar product containing urea for my skin issues, and this has been perfect to address them without leaving my face feeling heavy or oily. I can see that it is working, but I can’t stand the scent. I have to use it with other products to avoid smelling it in a direct way. Otherwise, great product.


It is super gentle with your skin! It doesn’t feel thick or tacky. It moisturizes your skin and keeps it feeling fresh. 5 stars!!


I have been using this cream serum for two months now and it has actually worked for me. My skin tends to be de-hydrated, mostly below my nose, so I bought this serum specially for this area, and I can tell there has been a change there! It has improved considerably.


I apply this on my face every night! I also put it on certain dry spots on my arms to hydrate them, and it helps me hydrate them and calm them when they’re itchy. As a person with eczema, this is awesome, because only we know how uncomfortable you can get to feel when this condition is triggered. I would like to test a product with a higher % of urea.


Great fixings but it’s amazingly thick and difficult to spread – like it nearly feels like rubbing toothpaste on dry skin. Once you oversee to induce it on equitably, it’s really exceptionally moisturizing and incredible for dry skin. It remains a bit shabby and sparkly after it dries in spite of the fact that. It’s fine as a night cream but it’d likely feel as well heavy as a day cream (may well be alright within the winter)


I’m not seeing any major changes in my skin but I do take note that my skin has gotten to be more versatile and solid. Some time recently I was managing with drying and peeling skin from taking skin break out pharmaceutical (doryx) and this made a difference it remain stout. I as it were apply to the regions I feel that are amazingly dry and delicate and a few days they are stout and solid once more. I suggest this urea cream! I will upgrade in the event that anything else happens.


My skin sort is really a combined sort like sleek and dry blended, but over time as I’m getting ancient it has gotten to be drier. I was in look of the cream which is able suck out the additional dryness from my skin and gives it with the foremost hydrating formula. After seeing this item online and perusing the highlights, that it’ll grant your skin the foremost required hydration. I put an arrange but wasn’t beyond any doubt almost the trueness of the item but once, I begun utilizing it my skin has gotten to be hydrated and signs of maturing fair gone some place. Presently I adore my new hydrated and scrumptiously delicate skin. I will unquestionably consider this once more some time recently going for something else because it has fulfilled me enough!


I had seriously dried out, touchy, skin break out inclined skin that responded to everything. This moisturizer has genuinely spared my skin. It’s a bit as well oily to utilize amid the day, but at night I wash with a delicate non frothing cleanser, apply this generously, and beat with LRP Cicaplast B5 Baume, and I wake up with child delicate skin that appears to have mended overnight. I would prescribe this to anybody who is attempting to recoup pitiful, manhandled skin, whether from over shedding, as well numerous items, or anything else. I know it’s expensive, but a bottle endures me almost 6 weeks, and it’s worth $12/ to go from OCD skin picking hell to the kind of skin I utilized to dream about. I know, I know this sounds clickbaity. But I guarantee, it’ll alter your life.


I’m excited to have a extraordinary Korean cloth cover with aloe vera for my dry delicate confront skin. I have as of now attempted tens of creams, treatments, confront covers, cures, etc. in all cost ranges on the showcase from all over, and my skin did not discover it great, it harmed, was chafed and unequivocally blushed. (Koreans truly know what is nice for the confront) This veil is incredible, cools, unwinds and spoils my skin superbly without chafing or drying out. In the event that there’s a chance to purchase them once more, I’ll certainly get them once more.

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