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skin alphabet | 10% Vitamin C Gesichtscreme

Gesichtscreme mit 5% Ascorbinsäure + 5% Ascorbyulglucosid

Die Creme hilft, Anzeichen von Hautalterung zu reduzieren

  • 5% Ascorbinsäure und 5% Ascrobylglucosid 
  • hergestellt mit natürlichem Nicht-GVO-Lecithin (Phospholipiden)
  • 30% Qualitätsöle aus Oliven (Bio), Shea (organisches) und natürliches MCT-Öl 
  • Antioxidanskomplex aus Pflanzenextrakten (Edelweiß, Schachtelhalm und Algen) 
  • saubere Formel (frei von Mikroplastik, Unangenehmem, Zusatzstoffen und Allergenen)
  • vegan, grausam und parfümfrei 

Verwendungsvorschlag: auf das Gesicht auftragen und sanft einmassieren, bis es vollständig eingezogen ist. Verwenden Sie morgens und abends oder nach Bedarf
Hauttyp: alle Hauttypen
Hautprobleme: Hautalterung
Formulierung: Sahne
Hervorgehobener Inhaltsstoff: Ascorbinsäure und Ascorbylglucosid

Askorbinsäureist ein starkes Antioxidans und hautberuhigendes Mittel, das das Auftreten von Zeichen des Alterns verbessern kann. Ascorbylglucosid ist eine stabile Form von Vitamin C in Kombination mit Glukose. Bei richtiger Formulierung und Aufnahme in Hautzerfällt es in Ascorbinsäure (reines Vitamin C)

Zutaten (Inci)

Aloe barbadensis Blattsaft (Bio), Olea Europaea Fruchtöl (Olivenöl) (Bio), Ascorbylglucosid (Vitamin C), Pentylenglykol (Feuchthaltemittel, natürlich), Ascorbinsäure (Vitamin C), hydriertes Phosphatidylcholin (Lecithin, natürlich), Glycerin (Feuchthaltemittel, natürlich), Capryl / Capric Triglycerid (Mct Öl, natürlich), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter (Bio), Leontopodium Alpinum (Edelweiß) Extrakt (natürlich), Equisetum Arvense (Schachtelhalm) Extrakt (natürlich), Laminaria ochroleuca (natürlich) Algen) Extrakt (natürlich)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Nina Patrikieieva

skin brightening | Skin Alphabet | vitamin C creamserum | 10% ascorbic acid


This product doesn’t absorb too quickly on my skin, but I think this is due to my oily complexion. However, I like the subtle scent that it has. And despite the fact that it doesn’t absorb easily, it doesn’t feel tacky or anything bad, though many products do. I’m a fan of vit C products, so I know what I’m talkin about when I say that this is a nice cream!!!


I’m obsessed with this cream. It is really effective; my combo skin feels really thankful for it. It looks younger, and some of my hyperpigmented zones on my face have started to fade in a slightly way.


I have a lot of dark spots that I want to get rid of, and that’s why I bought the cream in the first place, but also to mitigate the appearance of my most apparent wrinkles. I have been using it nightly to address this issue and, though I’ve not seen big changes yet, I have to admit that I love the way it feels on my skin. It doesn’t irritate it, and makes it look brighter and juicy.


The richness of this cream makes it amazing, plus it is so hydrating and comfortable. It gives an awesome glow to my skin, and I can use it under my makeup without any problems. It’s perfectly suitable for morning use.


I purchased this product before. This is my second time. And I can tell that, despite the consistency is not of my favorites, it truly makes my skin look plum, healthy and hydrated. I’m very satisfied with it.


I have attempted various creams, serums and oils over the a long time. So distant, I truly like this one. My confront is certainly smoother and looks much more advantageous. My skin is gleaming which I incline toward to a few items that make it glossy in appearance. There’s a distinction between the two and it is exceptionally recognizable. I will take shine over sparkly any day. As distant as wrinkles and lines, I do accept I see a bit of change. It is as well before long to say it could be a supernatural occurrence wrinkle reducer, haha. But, I have trusts that the wrinkles/lines will proceed to move forward over time. My skin appears plumper which I think is the reason my lines are less discernible. Either way, my skin looks much superior. Usually sheer scope which I truly like and the odor is negligible. It goes a long way too. It takes exceptionally small to cover my confront, neck and chest. I truly do just like the way my skin is looking and cherish the way this feels on my skin. I am utilizing it morning and evening at the side my other two ROC items


Made my skin burn and irritated. Curiously since this never happened some time recently when obtained from my neighborhood CVS. Possibly a thump off?


Its essential Lazy skincare Sunday with my fundamental VITAMIN C serum from Skin Letter set 💓 Secures your skin with Vitamin C, a solid anti-oxidant battling free radicals built from UV-light assimilation. Reasonable skincare, veggie lover & fragrance free! 🤩


I continuously utilize this beneath my cosmetics and blend it with the against maturing sunscreen day cream within the same line. Blending it makes a difference with chalkiness due to sunscreen. I ordinarily have sleek skin but utilizing this underneath ordinary indeed with no cosmetics has made a difference my skin. My confront is looking more indeed without applying much cosmetics

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