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skin alphabet | 2% salicílico | ácido en lecitina

una nueva generación de ácidos para el cuidado de la piel

Obtenga todos los beneficios de los ácidos y fosfolípidos (extracto de lecitina) 

El producto contiene salicílico (ácido bha) con beneficios de exfoliación y reducción de sebo. Ayuda a añadir micronutrientes a la piel y reduce los signos del envejecimiento cutáneo. 

  • 2% de ácido bha salicílico
  • formulado con fosfolípidos vegetales de soja no transgénica
  • fórmula cleanZero (libre de microplásticos, polímeros, aditivos y alérgenos)
  • el valor de ph es 3-4

uso sugerido:

Los ácidos en el cuidado de la piel deben usarse con precaución:

Para principiantes: el valor de ph es 3-4. Aplicar solo durante 10 minutos y no más de 2 veces por semana (cada 3-4 días). Pruebe antes si es necesario.

Para usuarios avanzados: puede aumentar la frecuencia de uso hasta que pueda usarlo como un producto que no se enjuaga y aplicarlo todos los días como parte de su rutina de cuidado de la piel. 

tipo de piel: todos los tipos de piel
problema de la piel: envejecimiento 
formulación: Suero 
ingrediente destacado: ácido salicílico

Elácido salicílico es un beta hidroxi ácido. Es bien conocido por reducir el acné al exfoliar la piel y mantener los poros limpios. www.healthline.com

ingredientes (inci):

jugo de hoja de aloe barbadensis (orgánico), propilenglicol (natural), ácido salicílico, pentilenglicol (natural), fosfatidilcolina (natural), hidróxido de sodio


Tenga en cuenta que las listas de ingredientes pueden cambiar o variar de vez en cuando. Consulte la lista de ingredientes en el paquete del producto que recibe para obtener la lista de ingredientes más actualizada.


Pase el mouse sobre un ingrediente para obtener una breve explicación. Leer más sobre INCIDecoder.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Really happy with the product. I used it a couple of weeks, already saw a difference on my blemishes.


I truly love the fact that this is a crueltry-free and vegan product. This is a plus for an already-awesome line of products. I’m not a fan of its texture, but that’s a personal peference, and I’ll take it anyways cause all of its features and benefits compensate it.


I was thrilled to try this product, since neither of the options I tried before gave me the result I was looking for. I saw an ad for it on the web and decided to give it a try. It was worth it! I can finally say I got rid of all the blackeads and bumps on my fase. Bravo!


Very effective. But you must be careful and apply it just as the instructions say. The patch test is very important. Following the instructions, I guarantee you will get the most benefits out of this product.


I have acne-prone skin, so I’ve been dealing with this issue since I’m able to remember. This serum is now on my top 5 products. It helps to control my acne without leaving any dryness on my skin. It’s perfect!


Despite being gentle with my skin, this product REALLY does a good job! I’m a skincare maniac, so I’ve tried many products from many different brands. When compared to similar products, you get to see the advantages of this one. I will definitely purchase this again.


I nearly never type in Amazon audits but I came back to survey this salve. I have keratosis pilaris that gets a parcel more awful amid cold dry seasons. After fair a week of utilizing this each day after my shower I taken note a tremendous change. My skin has actually never felt gentler and all the bumps are about gone. I would prescribe utilizing this a few times a week negligibly in arrange for wanted impacts but it truly does work, than typical moisturizers


This was suggested to me numerous a long time prior by my dermatologist for dry, broken bruises on my hands amid the winter months. It’s astonishing how quick this item mends those difficult splits. It close to does it with one application at sleep time, and certainly recuperates them totally after the moment night’s utilize. I’ve attempted other items out there and accept this one by distant works the most excellent and the fastest. You can’t beat the cost on Amazon either.


It is to some degree waxy but I discover the flavor wonderful sufficient. I haven’t found a awesome way to devour the item, in spite of the fact that it does appear to form conventional lip demulcent on the off chance that you do not intellect it turning your lips brown and being a small bit sticky.


My skin is getting to be delicate and smooth day by day I truly cherish this item. My age is 45, I was confronting dry and gloomy skin due to the maturing figure many months prior. A companion of mine suggested me this item. I’ve been utilizing this item for two months and more than fulfilled with the comes about. My skin is getting smoother and firmer than some time recently. It remains hydrated and looks more beneficial. I do not feel any oil or oil on the confront. Fine lines and wrinkles are too reducing. There’s no obnoxious fragrance of the item. Exceedingly suggest this to anybody who is confronting old and dried out skin due to the maturing figure!! Certainly reaching to shop again

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