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Skin Alphabet| 1% de resveratrol | crema facial antienrojecimiento

crema facial con 1% de resveratrol | antienrojecimiento

la crema ayuda a reducir los signos de enrojecimiento de la piel

  • 1% de resveratrol
  • hecho con lecitina natural no gmo (fosfolípidos)
  • 30% de aceites de calidad, de oliva (orgánico), karité (orgánico) y aceite MCT natural 
  • complejo antioxidante de extractos de plantas (edelweiss, cola de caballo y algas) 
  • fórmula limpia (libre de microplásticos, sustancias nocivas, aditivos y alérgenos)
  • vegano, libre de crueldad animal y sin fragancia

uso sugerido: aplicar sobre el rostro y masajear suavemente hasta su total absorción. Úselo por la mañana y por la noche o según sea necesario
tipo de piel: todos los tipos de piel
problema de la piel: envejecimiento
formulación: crema
ingrediente destacado: resveratrol

el resveratrol ayuda a proteger la superficie de la piel, interrumpe y ayuda a rechazar las influencias ambientales negativas e ilumina un cutis de aspecto cansado. También tiene importantes propiedades calmantes para la piel que pueden ayudar a minimizar la apariencia de enrojecimiento.

ingredientes (inci)

jugo de hoja de aloe barbadensis (orgánico), aceite de fruta de olea europaea (oliva) (orgánico), pentilenglicol (humectante, natural), fosfatidilcolina hidrogenada (lecitina, natural), glicerina (humectante, natural), resveratrol (natural), triglicérido caprílico / cáprico (aceite mct, natural), propanodiol (natural), manteca de butyrospermum parkii (karité) (orgánica), extracto de leontopodium alpinum (edelweiss) (natural), extracto de equisetum arvense (cola de caballo) (natural), extracto de laminaria ochroleuca (algas) ( natural)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I quit birth control three months ago, and I’ve been dealing since the with a very strong acne. My neck and my cheeks had a bunch of closed comedones, which turned into swollen and hurtful spots, which left many red spots all over these zones. This cream serum, despite not being an acne treatment, has certainly helped me with this redness, reducing it, and making my face look better. I’d change the scent, but I can get with it.


The money spent has been well paid-off. Consider myself satisfied with this creamserum. I highly recommend it.


I’m doubtful about repurchasing this product, because I didn’t see any results. However, my skin feels very nutritious each time I use it. I think I’m gonna keep using it, because I do love the described feeling. It’s not a bad product, but I think it’s not for me at all.


If I have to use one word to describe the feeling this product leaves on my skin, I would say: silky. Allergies are a very common issue on my skin, no matter the season, so the redness prevails on my skin, specially in certain zones of my face. This cream does a really good job keeping it away, so it is now a crucial part of my routine, both am and pm. And being organic, just makes it better.


My skin is really sensitive, and that’s why it looks red and it’s all dry most of the time. I didn’t know about this bran a month ago, but I decided to try this product since I’m always looking for new alternatives to my current favorites. For the price, I wanna say that this creamserum is worth to try 😊 it helps to calm my skin and makes it feel smooth and hydrated. Worths every penny spent.


I cherish this item. I shower it on and let it assimilate for a couple of seconds some time recently applying my moisturizer. It has been accommodating for my touchy, redness inclined skin


Truly, I would not prescribe this item! Do not get me off-base, this makes your skin feel exceptionally delicate and exceptionally clean. I had many issues with it in any case. Since the brush is pulling at the skin, I’ve had a couple of small capillaries that broke on the surface of my skin. The other thing that I truly did not want is hair breakage! Indeed in spite of the fact that I am not utilizing it near my hairline, my hair still gets in my confront and gets stuck within the brush and breaks off. This has caused a few


Great hydration I’m 28 and I needed a great night cream I chosen to undertake this one out and it did not disappoint. On the primary attempt my skin looked so much more hydrated. My skin was missing hydration and this cream did fair that I will certainly keep buying.


This small device isn’t as well tender, not as well unforgiving. I love it. The primary time I utilized it, I washed my confront first the typical way – rub cleaner within the palm of my hands, include a small water, apply to confront in a circular design, take a wash cloth and wash the cleanser off of my confront. This time, after applying the cleanser to my confront, I turned the brush on and went over my confront. Boy, that brush was dirty. It cleared out me inquiring myself what had I been doing the total time as far as washing my confront was concerned. There’s a discernible alter in my skin’s condition. In the event that I got to travel, I make beyond any doubt this thing is within the sack going with me.


My skin: - sensitive – skin break out prone – dry from the utilize of retina Product: - a decent
combination of not as well velvety or runny – no overpowering odors – one pump is sufficient for your
whole face My experience: - it does minimize unobtrusive redness, but I have incendiary skin break out
(not cystic, but or maybe a couple of skin break out spots take weeks to recuperate) and it does not
offer assistance those areas – it did not cause skin break out for me and I am exceptionally skin break
out prone – it does the work by moisturizing my skin overnight – in spite of the fact that the item is little,
I think it ought to final me approximately a month or so in the event that I half pump.

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