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bio-orgánico | serum en crema para disimular los poros | aceite de lentisco | probiótico

Crema probiótica bio-orgánica con aceite de lentisco y bakuchiol para el refinamieno de los poros

tratamiento bio-laminar ™ para la piel, derivado defosfolípidos vegetales| altamente orgánico | biofermentado | vegano | sin fragancia | solo aceites orgánicos de calidad | extractos naturales y activas en alta concentración | Estándar de fórmula CleanZero ™

La crema ayuda a reducir el tamaño de los poros. Los poros dilatados a menudo son el resultado de una producción excesiva de grasa en la piel y pueden ser causados por cambios hormonales. Los poros dilatados no son específicos de la piel grasa.

  • el aceite de lentisco es una resina, y se deriva de los árboles de lentisco. Se han comprobado sus propiedades antibacterianas.
  • el 1% de bakuchiol es un extracto natural cosechado de la planta babchi
  • el producto es 90% orgánico y 100% natural
  • bio-fermentado con granos de kéfir de agua 
  • hecho con lecitina natural no gmo
  • fórmula limpia (libre de microplásticos, sustancias nocivas, aditivos y alérgenos)
  • vegano, libre de crueldad animal y sin fragancia (el aroma es de aceite de lentisco)

uso sugerido: aplicar sobre el rostro y masajear suavemente hasta su total absorción. Úselo por la mañana y por la noche o según sea necesario
tipo de piel: todos los tipos de piel
problema de la piel: poros dilatados
formulación: crema
ingrediente destacado: aceite de lentisco se deriva de la resina del lentisco (Pistacia lentiscus). En Grecia, se conoce como lágrimas de Quíos, y se produce tradicionalmente en la isla de Quíos

todos los ingredientes:

lisado de fermento de aloe barbadensis (orgánico) (bífida, lactobacillus, leuconostoc, saccharomyces), aceite de fruta de olea europaea (oliva) (orgánico), pentilenglicol (humectante, natural), fosfatidilcolina hidrogenada (lecitina, natural), bakuchiol (natural), aceite de goma de pistacia lentiscus (lentisco) (natural), manteca de butyrospermum parkij (karité) (orgánica), aceite de semilla de salvia hispanica (chía) (orgánico), aceite de argania spinosa kernel (argán) (orgánico), aceite de persea gratissima (aguacate) (orgánico), aceite de prunus amygdalus (almendra) (orgánico), aceite de semilla de vitis vinifera (uva) (orgánico), aceite de semilla de camellia oleifera (orgánico), aceite de semilla de orbignya oleifera (babassu) (orgánico), aceite de semilla de punica granatum (orgánico)


Tenga en cuenta que las listas de ingredientes pueden cambiar o variar de vez en cuando. Consulte la lista de ingredientes en el paquete del producto que recibe para obtener la lista de ingredientes más actualizada.


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Aloe Barbadensis (Orgánico) entonces|h, Bífida, Lactobacillus, Leuconostoc, Saccharomyces, Aceite de fruta (oliva) de Olea Europaea (orgánico) aox|emo|perf 0 0-2, Pentilenglicol (humectante, natural) solv|h, Fosfatidilcolina hidrogenada (lecitina, natural) emú, Bakuchiol (natural) cci|amic|aox|emo, Aceite de goma de pistacia lentisco (masilla) (natural) amic|perf, Manteca de Butyrospermum Parkii (Karité) (Orgánica) emo|vc, Aceite de semilla de salvia hispanica (chía) (orgánico) aox|emo|h, Aceite de semilla de argania spinosa (argán) (orgánico) aox|emo, Aceite de Persea Gratissima (Aguacate) (Orgánico) aox|emo 0 0-3, Aceite de Prunus Amygdalus (Almendra) (Orgánico) emo 0 1-3, Aceite de semilla de Vitis Vinifera (uva) (orgánico) aox|emo 2-3, Aceite de semilla de camellia oleifera (orgánico) emo, Aceite de Semilla de Orbignya Oleifera (Babassu) (Orgánico) emo 0 1, Aceite de semilla de Punica Granatum (orgánico) aox|emo

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

My open pores had not been a problem for me, until people started noticing them. Looking for a solution, I found this serum. I've been using it for a month now, and all I get is praise. The formula is brilliant and 100% effective!


My face has many defects that I have sought to solve with various skin care treatments, but even so, I have not managed to make my large pores small, until I tried this serum. I apply it twice a day, and it's like cream magic. It is fantastic!

Jaime Jojner

Even though the amount is too little, i love this product because of its fast action, and because it has done so much for my face. Because it controls large pores, my skin looks smoother than ever before. I love the way I look! Plus, it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry.


My oily skin is problematic, and is particularly uncomfortable when my pores are enlarged by excess oil. This serum has helped me a lot to control my open pores. I slowly see them fade as I apply the serum every night.


Makeup could never look the way I wanted because of my enlarged pores. Since I couldn't live with applying a primer all the time, I looked for this cream serum, and the results are fantastic. Now I can wear my makeup like a professional.


Did not work as planning. To begin with, like another watcher had said, this did not work as a moisturizer. It dries your skin and gets to be very sticky. I have typical to dry skin, so perhaps typically why. Maybe other analysts had sleek skin? Also, after utilizing the item morning and evening for 2 months, I can say there’s completely no alter within the appearance of my pores. Huge disappointment. The reason for the 3 stars… the vender sent numerous emails. No thought why as I never really opened them, but I expect they needed to know in the event that I was fulfilled. The item feels like a decent quality. I would like to accept it fair didn’t work for my skin sort and I do not need Catherine Ann to be rebuffed for that. Moreover, the cost wasn’t terrible for a pore minimizing item and the holder endures a long time. An awfully little sum goes far.


I like this item. It truly does offer assistance diminish the estimate of pores and it makes a difference a parcel with skin break out. There’s no scent and that’s truly saying something as I have a great sense of scent. I can continuously scent fragrance less items. The consistency is like a cross between a serum and a light cream. The drawback is that it’s exceptionally drying. I as it were utilize it on issue regions as I have combination skin.


Bio-Oil is the Leading skin item on the advertise. I utilize it as a twice a day, morning and some time recently I go to bed. Little lines have vanished. My skin is exceptionally smooth and appears to gleam. A specialist suggested this to one of my companions who told me around it. I have bought several bottles as gifts.. Be quiet. It’ll take a couple of months for you to see take note the changes. Now I am utilizing it on my arms and hands. I trust have the same result. I am 71 a long time ancient. No one paid me to type in this.


My third arrange of this. Too bad for the late review. I’ve been searching for a item substitutions some time recently for my skin care. I utilized a certain line for a long time. Expensive but exceptionally viable. There were times that the moisturizer I get goes put of stock and would take off me holding up for at some point just to get them or I’d end up aiming to a distinctive put fair to induce them. Online requesting is affirm and still, it’s costly. The thought of checking Amazon came in to my intellect and after hours of debilitating look and still I thought nothing compares to the items I utilized some time recently, I’m around to log off and call it stops for the night, this item was at the proposal section. I was considering, “water based skin care” is fair brilliant. Clicked. Studied. At that point faltering comes when I saw that it’s a few remote item from China. Still, I gave it a attempt.


First of all, I want to say a big thanks to this online store owner for selling such amazing products at these reasonable prices. This organic product is a great choice for those that have been dealing with enlarged skin pores like
mine. These enlarged skin pores have been my biggest insecurity for a long time but with this cream, I
feel much more confident about my skin. One of its main ingredients mastic oil is super helpful in making these enlarged pores bacteria and dirt free while the other ingredients are also proved to be skin-friendly to tighten up my skin and reducing these enlarged pores. Before this cream, I had to deal with acne problems quite often but now one cream
seems to do all the beauty treatment I need.

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