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skin alphabet | camelia | aceite en lecitina

una nueva generación de aceites para la piel: aceite en lecitina

Obtenga todos los beneficios de los aceites y fosfolípidos orgánicos de calidad (extracto de lecitina). Este aceite tiene una textura seca aterciopelada y se absorbe rápidamente.

ayuda a añadir nutrientes y a reducir los signos del envejecimiento. Aceites orgánicos de calidad, procesados en frío,

  • aceite de camelia orgánico de calidad
  • formulado con fosfolípidos vegetales de soja no transgénica
  • fórmula cleanZero (libre de ingredientes sospechosos, microplásticos, polímeros y aditivos)

uso sugerido: aplicar sobre el cabello / rostro y masajear suavemente. Úselo según sea necesario o como parte de su rutina matutina y vespertina.
tipo de piel: todos los tipos de piel
problema de la piel: envejecimiento
formulación: petróleo
ingrediente destacado: camelia

ingredientes (inci):

aceite de semilla de camellia oleifera (orgánico), fosfatidilcolina(lecitina, natural)


Tenga en cuenta que las listas de ingredientes pueden cambiar o variar de vez en cuando. Consulte la lista de ingredientes en el paquete del producto que recibe para obtener la lista de ingredientes más actualizada.


[simple_tooltip content = 'Un hermoso aceite de color amarillo dorado procedente del árbol de camelia ... Lee mas'] Aceite de semilla de camellia oleifera (orgánico) [/ simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content =' goodie '][/ simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content = 'emoliente'] emo [/ simple_tooltip], [simple_tooltip content = 'emulsionante'] Fosfatidilcolina (lecitina, natural) [/ simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content = 'emulsionante'] emu [/ simple_tooltip]

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

This thing just solved all my frizz problems. I don’t have words for it. I can now style my hair without worrying about it messing up later due to frizz. Be careful to apply just a little bit, because it can make your hair too oily, and be even more careful if your hair is oily by itself. In the latter case, apply it just on your ends to plump them.


For the antiaging purposes, I can’t tell yet, I think is benefits will show up much later, but at least it helps me with my dry spots and doesn’t make my skin break out. I’m pleased with the texture, and it absorbs fasts. I’m just giving 4 stars because I don’t see the antiaging effect yet.


Camelia, you got this! I ran out of my favorite natural oil, so I looked for a replacement and found this brand. I’m more than happy with it. It does what it is intended to. If you’re used to apply oils in your skincare, do it ASAP. You get a good product for its price.


Listen to me y’all, this camelia oil worth your money. I apply it on my lips because I’m telling you, they get dessert-dry with this weather. I can hear them crack, I swear. This camelia oil hydrates my lips at its best, and it performs better than many other expensive options. I feel it a bit tacky, but I don’t apply too much, so this doesn’t bother me at all. I’m very satisfied with my purchase.


I use this product on a daily basis, every morning. My skin has become more even, this cream has drastically helped it. My skin does not have a severe problem of dark spots though, but I can definitely see the change, my acne scars have reduced and my skin tone is more even now.


I realized this works better for me than moisturizers. I use it constantly. Just a few oil drops all along my face and I’m ready. Many people say you’re not intended to put oils on your face, but this doesn’t give any problem to my skin, so I’ll continue using it. However, I’ll recommend you visit your dermatologist if you intend to use it this way.

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