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bio-orgánico | nutrición para la ´piel de aceite en lecitina | argán, camel´´ia, semilla de uva

una nueva generación de aceites para la piel y el cabello: aceite en lecitina

Obtenga todos los beneficios de los aceites y fosfolípidos orgánicos de calidad (extracto de lecitina). Este aceite tiene una textura aterciopelada y seca y se absorbe rápidamente en la piel.

Ayuda a añadir micronutrientes a la piel y reduce los signos del envejecimiento cutáneo. Aceites orgánicos de calidad - procesados en frío - conservan los nutrientes

  • mezcla de aceites orgánicos de calidad: aceite de argán, aceite de camelia y aceite de semilla de uva
  • formulado con fosfolípidos vegetales de soja no transgénica
  • fórmula cleanZero (libre de microplásticos, polímeros, aditivos y alérgenos)

uso sugerido: aplicar sobre el cabello / rostro y masajear suavemente. Úselo según sea necesario o como parte de su rutina matutina y vespertina.
tipo de piel: todos los tipos de piel
problema de la piel: envejecimiento
formulación: aceite
ingrediente destacado: argán, camelia, semilla de uva

ingredientes (inci):

aceite de semilla de argania spinosa (argán) (orgánico), aceite de semilla de vitis vinifera (uva) (orgánico), aceite de semilla de camellia oleifera (orgánico), fosfatidilcolina (natural)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

No matter how much I pour on myself, the oil is always absorbed quickly and never leaves my face greasy! And I love that it is packed with the benefits of all the plants that have powerful properties for the skin. Without a doubt, the best anti-aging oil on the market!


The inclusion of natural oils to make a powerful product that will nourish your skin to impressive levels is a brilliant move by Clean Beauty. This is easy my favorite oil in my collection. I love the effect it has on my skin!


An oil like this is very helpful for people who show signs of aging in their skin, and it also works for people like me, who have dry skin. This oil moisturizes very well, and without clogging up the pores.


This is the star element of my pre-sleep beauty routine. Its application is so smooth, and massaging my face with it is a wonder, and I can't help but mention that doing this every night has faded the annoying wrinkles on my forehead as if by magic. Five stars!


I'm not a big fan of skin oils, as mine is a bit oily, however, this one is quite light, so it doesn't feel like you have excess oil. A little bit goes a long way, so you'll enjoy the great benefits of this great product for a long time to come.


Usually the most excellent item out there. I trust they do not alter anything. The scent may be a light coconut scent, oil is light on the skin. A small goes a long way. I am in my 60’s, so to discover something like this is often lovely astonishing


I truly appreciate this facial oil that really coasts over my skin. Not at all like a few of the other analysts, I Adore the rose fragrance and think it smells phenomenal, and one of the way better noticing rose scented items I’ve come over at a sensible cost point. The oil doesn’t assimilate as well a few other comparative items but my skin felt so much way better after utilizing it reliably at night.


This can be the leading item out there. I trust they do not alter anything. The scent may be a light coconut scent, oil is light on the skin. A small goes a long way. I am in my 60’s, so to discover something like typically lovely. astounding.

Thank you so much

I see forward to utilizing this each night. I utilize it with my rose quarts confront roller and it takes off my skin delicate and moisturized but not as well oily where it messes up my pillowcase. I just like the surface and feel of the oil, but the finest portion is the scent. It’s my possess self-care reveling time! I indeed brought my oil with me to Hawaii on get-away (appreciative for the travel-friendly estimate). But when I’m domestic, this oil sits on my conceit and looks so lovely. I’m looking forward to attempting the other facial oils as well.


A cream like this one is definitely a great find for any lady with early skin aging problems and I am lucky
to have found this one. With all the natural and organic ingredients such as grapeseed extracts and
Argan oil, it seems that my skin is getting all the right micronutrients it needed before. The collagen
production in my skin seems to have improved to whole another level. While the skin has gotten tighter
to remove signs of skin aging, it is now also smooth and supple. I feel as if I am ten years younger. I'm so happy to get these astounding results. Thanks!

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