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clínico | 0,3% de retinol y 3% de bakuchiol | serum facial en crema

0,3% de retinol y 3% de bakuchiol natural | la potencia del serum en una crema ligera y de rápida absorción

base bio-laminar ™ de fosfolípidos de células vegetales puras. Probiótico, vegano, sin fragancia. Aceites y extractos naturales y orgánicos de calidad | sin siliconas | activos en alta concentración

ayuda a reducir los signos del envejecimiento cutáneo. El retinol (vitamina A) y el bakuchiol, un compuesto natural similar al retinol, instruyen a las células a regular la producción de colágeno, aumentándola, rellenando la piel y reduciendo la apariencia de líneas y arrugas.

  • 0,3% de retinol (vitamina A)
  • Extracto de bakuchiol al 3%. un compuesto natural similar al retinol
  • 0,3% de ácido ferúlico
  • contiene un complejo de extractos de algas, cola de caballo y edelweiss, así como péptidos matrikine
  • probióticos de granos de kéfir de agua
  • elaborado con fosfolípidos vegetales de soja no transgénica
  • fórmula cleanZero (libre de microplásticos, polímeros, aditivos y alérgenos)
  • el producto es 99% natural y 86% orgánico

uso sugerido: aplicar sobre el rostro y masajear suavemente hasta su total absorción. Úselo por la mañana y por la noche o según sea necesario
tipo de piel: todos los tipos de piel
problema de la piel: envejecimiento
formulación: crema ligera
ingrediente destacado: retinol

ingredientes (inci):

lisado de fermento de aloe barbadensis (orgánico) (bífida, lactobacillus, leuconostoc, saccharomyces), aceite de fruta de olea europaea (oliva) (orgánico), pentilenglicol (humectante, natural), bakuchiol (natural), fosfatidilcolina hidrogenada (lecitina, natural), glicerina (humectante, natural), triglicérido caprílico / cáprico (aceite mct, natural), manteca de butyrospermum parkii (karité) (orgánico), retinol (vitamina a), polisorbato 20, ácido ferúlico, extracto de leontopodium alpinum (edelweiss) (natural), extracto de equisetum arvense (cola de caballo) (natural), extracto de laminaria ochroleuca (algas) (natural), acetil hexapéptido-8, palmitoil pentapéptido-4


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

It is a wonderful product, I have tried other retinol serums and this has been the most efficient, the skin is smoothed the wrinkles are softened to the maximum, I like its smell and moisturizes the skin in a pleasant way and the pores are progressively reduced.


It's the first time I use this product, I'm a skin care enthusiast and I always read about articles concerning the benefits of some components, in this case I decided to give retinol a chance. The texture is very light which makes the absorption fast. I highly recommend it.


This product is highly effective, you can see the effects on both the expression lines and the skin refining effect. I use this product intercalated during the week because I use several skin care products, after seeing many reviews this has been a great choice.


This cream has become essential for me, recommended for use in the mornings and evenings. The list of ingredients of this product shows that it is of excellent quality.


Vitamin A is scientifically proven to have observable anti-wrinkle effects. I have been using this product for two months and it has restored the luminosity to my face.


This is often a great alternative to the normal Retinol on the off chance that you’re on the touchy side. The consistency is thicker than I thought it would be, but my ordinary to dry skin retains it well. I’ve been utilizing this daily for two weeks presently- as well before long to take note comes about but truly getting a charge out of the item so distant.


This was my intro to retinols! I have combo/dry, responsive develop skin. I started each 3 days for 2 weeks, at that point each other for 1 week, and presently 5x a week with evenings off for chemical exfoliation. I had a few redness around my mouth and chin the primary time I utilized it, but that was the as it were bothering I had! I never had redness once more. I utilized it on my confront, ears, neck, chest and back of my hands. That being said, I’m not beyond any doubt in the event that it’s working, but my girl has said that my skin looks way better 👏😀 I’m moving on to Differin now, but I think this can be a incredible starter retinol

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