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Having spent many years in the cosmetics and skincare industry, striving to make better products, it was time for me to deliver on the promise by creating my own brands and products. THE CLEAN BEAUTY CO was developed in Sweden and is produced in Europe in small batches in an in-house laboratory.

A passion for clean skincare that really delivers results has driven me for a long time. It was a “search and development” process that took over 3 years to obtain the formulas that I wanted. I believe skincare can be clean, active, and beautiful in texture and feel – all at the same time.  

It all comes down to the definition of a better product. I look around and see that it’s all confusing and very marketing-driven out there. Not even industry standards, like certifications, provide clear guidance. 

Allow me to define what I believe CLEAN SKINCARE means: It can be free of polymers, microplastic, additives, and allergens. Absolutely no exceptions...period. 

And what does ACTIVE stand for? Skincare has the ability to penetrate the skin and work from inside with good, proven actives. This is no trivial matter since the skin is very efficient in not letting anything pass the so-called "skin barrier" – skin's outermost layer. Even water (H2O), a very small molecule, does not easily pass through the barrier. The only natural way to deepen skin penetration is through the lipid system. This is possible, but it took some time to develop the optimal system.

To develop new formulas required a start from zero and with one basic question: Can water – which makes up so much of a product – be replaced by something more beneficial?

Then it becomes a personal choice which skincare route you prefer: organic, clinical, or essential skincare?

This is why I have developed three different brands with three different viewpoints:

  • ORGANIC THE NEW BEAUTY is 80%-100% organic and 100% natural;
  • THE CLINICAL BEAUTY is high on dermatologically proven actives; and,
  • SKIN ALPHABET offers skin essentials at an affordable price.

All three brands are polymers, no microplastic, no additives, and no allergens – which also means NO FRAGRANCE.

Last but not least, the products need to feel beautiful in texture, leaving a natural glow. The secret to all this was to change the entire base of the product to a lecithin base. 

Overall it's a very different product that delivers on the promise of CLEAN and EFFECTIVE skincare.



Founder - The Clean Beauty Co

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