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Natural skincare can be over-scented, with heavy textures that just lay on the skin surface. ORGANIC THE NEW BEAUTY is a new recipe that dramatically changes organic skincare: light textures that melt into the skin, zero fragrance – with at least 80% organic quality and 100% natural content.

We started to develop our products by looking closely at how natural or organic products are made today, by analyzing the formulas. What we discovered led us to ask these questions:

  1. Do organic products need to have heavy textures and be over-scented?
  2. Why do organic products leave a white cast on the skin?
  3. Do organic-certified products really have only 20% organic content?

This led us to the ultimate question: Is it possible to formulate much better, truly organic skincare? The answer is yes, but the wheel needed to be reinvented...starting from the ground up.

These were the ultimate goals for our revolutionary organic formulas:

  • Unscented formulas with light textures that melt into the skin
  • A minimum of 80% organic and fully 100% natural formulas
  • Functional products that make a visible difference
  • Not just clean, but next level clean, without natural additives and allergens

So what makes it so challenging to manufacture advanced organic skincare? We discovered that the problem starts at the base. Natural or organic creams are usually made with stearic acid – derived from palm oil. This emulsifier tends to leave a white cast on the skin. It’s just not as efficient as the synthetic emulsifiers the rest of the beauty industry uses.

What is the alternative that meets our goals? 

We discovered natural lecithin as another option from non-GMO soybeans. Our creams were already an improvement but were unstable in the beginning; so we needed to look into the processing as a next step. Usually natural or organic products are simply mixed, whereas we went a different route adding some technology to the process. By mixing the creams with ultrasound technology, we achieved a much better result. 

Still, our creams needed additives to stabilize them. Natural food-grade additives like Xanthan Gum or Konjac root improved the textures. But these additives do not add any real value for the skin, so we wanted to find an alternative.

After endless trials, we found the right formula: creams that are stable without additives! Yet, something else piqued our curiosity. Many products were preserved with alcohol. Bio-alcohol, to be exact – not the kind of drying denatured alcohol the beauty industry is often uses; but still. So we found a way to replace alcohol with so-called natural pentylene glycol, a humectant that also has preserving benefits as a side effect. It is not even listed as a preservative in most ingredient dictionaries.

As the base of the product became so pleasurable, we wanted to increase the skin benefits by adding even more goodness. Where could we power our formulas up? Since most creams are made up of 50% water, this was a natural ingredient that could be replaced by something more beneficial. We replaced the water that adds no real value to the skin with organic-quality Aloe Vera. Again we were still not entirely satisfied.

Could we take it up a step further? 

Yes, we could – by bio-fermenting. After several experiments with different probiotics, we found the solution by using water-kefir grains. These are an excellent source of good probiotic bacteria, and other than lacto-fermented kefir, it is still a vegan-fermentation. We were impressed by the effects we experienced with private testing on skin. We have oil-free products that are bio-fermented with lactobacillus, bifida, saccharomyces, and leucononstoc bacteria.

As a next step, we wanted to create functional products with real skin benefits by adding natural actives, not synthetic ingredients. In recent years the ingredient suppliers have added many more better performing skin-beneficial actives. Today, there is bakuchiol extract available, a retinol-like alternative. Or mastic gum, a natural oil from Greek mastic trees that shows astonishing effect on skin impurities. This also applies to de-pigmentation needs, where Haritaki extract, a plant extract used in Ayurvedic medicine, shows really good results.

Finally, where did we arrive with our development?

We are producing skincare that is no doubt as good as its synthetic counterparts from the beauty industry. Except ours are at least 80% organic and 100% natural! Of course, the Organic the New Beauty products are CLEAN, as the standard for natural cosmetics implies: Free of microplastic and nasties, but also without any additives, allergens, or bio-alcohol.

Made with organic aloe vera, fermented with probiotic bacteria, and complemented with 10 different organic oils – from argan to olive oil – that are high in AOX extracts. Final products are cold-mixed to preserve all valuable micronutrients.

Our products are made with non-GMO lecithin for skin barrier repair effects and excellent skin penetration. No compromise on texture, skin feeling, or scent. Expect velvety products that leave a natural glow on your skin. 

All that was left was the packaging. We decided to use recycled plastic instead of glass, simply because there are very few airtight packaging alternatives available in glass.

We invite you to try our products and hope that you will find them as good for your skin as we do.


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