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ekologisk | clear creamserum| 1% centella

cremen hjälper till att minska tecken på oren hud och finnar utan alkohol som torkar ut huden. Finnar orsakas ofta av bakterier som finns naturligt i huden och en mer skada är rensade fläckar kan lämnas på grund av tidigare inflammerad hud

  • produkten är 90% ekologisk och 100% naturlig
  • centella asiatica hämmar inflammation i huden på grund av dess antibakteriella egenskaper
  • 1% mastikolja och 1% bakuchiol-extrakt är dessutom antiinflammatoriskt 
  • baserat på ekologisk aloe vera, biofermenterad med vatten kefirkorn 
  • tillverkad med naturligt icke-gmo-lecitin
  • ren produkt (fri från mikroplast, nasties, tillsatser och allergener)
  • vegansk, cruelty free och doftfri
  • snabbabsorberande sammetsmjuk struktur 

föreslagen användning: applicera i ansiktet och massera in försiktigt tills det är helt absorberat. Använd morgon och kväll eller vid behov
hudtyp : normal till fet
hudproblem : oren eller finnar
formulering : serum-i-creme

markerad ingrediens:

centella asiatica extrakt. centella är en välkänd hudvårdsprodukt som ökar antioxidantaktiviteten på platsen för finnar eller till och med sår, stärker huden och ökar blodcirkulationen. Det är fördelaktigt vid hantering av eksem, psoriasis, vener och stretchmärken. För akne sker en snabbare läkning, vilket hjälper till att förhindra ärrbildning och förhindra framtida skador

 centella asiatica

alla ingredienser:

aloe barbadensis (ekologisk) fermentlysat (bifida, laktobacillus, leuconostoc, saccharomyces), olea europaea (oliv) olja (ekologisk), pentylenglykol (fuktighetsbevarande, naturlig), hydrerad fosfatidylkolin (lecitin, naturlig), pistacia lentiscus (mastik) gummi olja (naturlig), bakuchiol (naturlig), centella asiatica (naturlig), butyrospermum parkii (shea) smör (ekologisk), salvia hispanica frö (chia) olja (ekologisk), argania spinosa kärna (argan) olja (ekologisk), persea gratissima (avokado) olja (ekologisk), prunus amygdalus (mandel) olja (ekologisk), vitis vinifera frö (druva) olja (ekologisk), camellia oleifera fröolja (ekologisk), orbignya oleifera frö (babassu) olja (ekologisk), punica granatum fröolja (ekologisk)


Observera att ingredienslistor kan ändras eller variera från tid till tid. Se ingredienslistan på produktpaketet du får för den senaste uppdaterade ingredienslistan


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I've been using it twice a day for 2 months, you only need two pumps for the whole face, it has a super light texture, my white spots have disappeared and I haven't had a single pimple or zit since I use this serum, clearly I will use it again.


This serum is now part of my daily routine. Without a doubt I can only describe it as spectacular, it meets the most demanding expectations, I love the texture it leaves on my skin after application and I am in love with the results.


I apply it after cleansing and toning but before moisturizer. I have tried so many Centella Asiatica serums but instead of soothing and calming my skin they all eventually made my skin blotchy. Probably because of the myriad of ingredients that are added to the formulations. Clean Beauty has formulated an elixir of ingredients that actually work. After daily use, once a day for a two week trial period the result is significantly clearer, less flushed and a smoother complexion.


I have tried other Clean Beauty products and liked them and was eager to try this one as well. It's a nice weight serum which applies smoothly to the face and doesn't leave a sticky residue. I like the way my face looks and feels when using this serum.


This serum is great! Gotu kola is an excellent ingredient for the skin, because in addition to deeply moisturizing it, it renews the tissues. It is a product that has everything I am looking for for my dry skin.


I have sleek skin and this moisturizer by one means or another keeps my sleek skin from creating as well much oil. It gives me a bit of a matte wrap up which I Adore! My pimples and scars have been blurring as I’ve been utilizing this routinely for the final 2 months. I adore that it’s made with natural fixings as well. No more chemicals for me.


An awfully delicate moisturizer for touchy skin. Odd how it kind of works to control sleek skin, but that’s biology for you. For the foremost portion, I’d have to be say that typically both calming and adjusting. It includes a small dampness but it too makes a difference to control oil generation so simply aren’t getting as well much oil streaming out of your pores. Not beyond any doubt how this would work on exceptionally sleek skin. I’d fix test it to begin with. Would be affirm for dry skin but one with dry skin truly ought to utilize something with indeed more moisturizer. Personally, I like to fix this around in zones requiring such control, ordinarily along the T zone and possibly on or close a breakout. It’s a extraordinary treatment cream for me and it is supportive


I am not truly glad of saying that I utilized to endure from incidental skin imperfections and my dressing table was overflowing with distinctive beauty care products fair for the exertion of stowing away them. At that point one day, I came upon this amazing little item that was the arrangement for all of it. Centella extricate within the cream is like a alleviating agent for my blemished skin. In conjunction with this, the normal amino acids in Centella, have come about within the skin to remain much more hydrated than it ever was. With extraordinary hydration, the skin is compromised to clogged pores and in-turn skin break out but the anti-bacterial properties of this fixing counter all that. I am truly appreciative for this item and prescribe it for others that got to bargain with compromised skin like mine


I have sleek skin and this moisturizer some way or another keeps my sleek skin from creating as well much oil. It gives me a bit of a matte wrap up which I Cherish! My pimples and scars have been blurring as I’ve been utilizing this routinely for the final 2 months. I cherish that it’s made with natural fixings as well. No more chemicals for me!


I bought this moisturizer for my child who has pimples and skin break out scars on his confront. He is exceptionally picky to utilize skincare items, but he likes this one. He said his confront doesn’t see glossy or sleek after putting this cream on and it alleviates and moisturizes his skin well. It is continuously decreasing pimples on his confront and his confront is looking way better. It’s not a sensational alter but still works fine. I’m happy that I found a confront cream that my child puts on his confront each day and trust to see numerous unmistakable changes on his confront within the future.

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