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ekologisk | de-age facecream | 1% makroalger

snabbabsorberande ekologisk och biofermenterad ansiktscreme med 1% makroalgeextrakt

cremen hjälper till att minska tecken på rodnad.

  • 1% makroalger är en testad ingrediens med högt antioxidantvärde
  • biofermenterad med kefir med vatten 
  • tillverkad med naturligt icke-gmo-lecitin
  • 10 ekologiska kvalitetsoljor från argan, oliv, acai, grapeseed, babassu, ...
  • ren formel (fri från mikroplast, nasties, tillsatser och allergener)
  • vegansk, cruelty free och doftfri 

användning: applicera i ansiktet och massera in försiktigt tills det är helt absorberat. Använd morgon och kväll eller vid behov
hudtyp : alla hudtyper
hudproblem : åldrande hud
formulering : creme
markerad ingrediens: Makroalgextrakt lyfter upp antioxidantkapaciteten i huden som arbetar mot fria radikaler


alla ingredienser:

aloe barbadensis (ekologisk) jäsningslysat (bifida, laktobacillus, leuconostoc, sackaromyces), olea europaea (oliv) olja (ekologisk), pentylenglykol (fuktgivande, naturlig), hydrerad fosfatidylkolin (lecitin, naturlig), kapryl / capric triglycerid (mct olja, naturlig), butyrospermum parkij (shea) smör (ekologisk), salvia hispanica frö (chia) olja (ekologisk), argania spinosa kärna (argan) olja (ekologisk), persea gratissima (avokado) olja (ekologisk), prunus amygdalus ( mandel) olja (ekologisk), vitis vinifera frö (druva) olja (ekologisk), camellia oleifera fröolja (ekologisk), orbignya oleifera frö (babassu) olja (ekologisk), punica granatum fröolja (ekologisk), undaria pinnatifida extrakt (naturligt )

produkten är 92% ekologisk och 100% naturlig

Observera att ingredienslistor kan ändras eller variera från tid till tid. Se ingredienslistan på produktpaketet du får för den senaste uppdaterade ingredienslistan



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I feel that I am taken into account when I get a vegan skin care product. And my satisfaction is even greater when it's too good! This cream serum has completely faded the fine lines around my eyes in less than three weeks! Bingo! Only complaint: the scent.


This cream is pure quality. I bought it because I wanted to try something totally new to spice up my skin care routine, and I was lucky! I love its moisturizing effect and the use of aloe vera in this product.


My skin was very sensitive, and it reacted to anything. I was looking for a product that wouldn't hurt me, but would be effective at the same time, and I found it. I thought that it would take centuries to notice any effect since it was 100% natural products, but it didn't. After a week I noticed that my face was slowly coming back to life.


The expression lines on my face have been indelible for years, until I tested the benefits of macro-algae. I said goodbye to them by saying hello to this excellent cream serum. I look 2 years younger!


I'm a fan of skin care, but I've never heard of macro-algae. I got curious, and tried this cream. I fell in love. It doesn't have an unpleasant smell, and its antioxidant properties help keep my skin beautiful and smooth.


This item isn’t the finest I’ve ever utilized. It isn’t the most exceedingly bad either. That being said, a few individuals might truly like it for a night cream as it were. It takes for a moment to rub it, sits overwhelming on the skin, and doesn’t scent exceptionally great. It did keep my skin moisturized yet a small sleek and I have typical skin


The age-defying moringa-infused night time repair could be a awesome product! This item is full of supplements that’s solid for your skin. You see comes about so quick and it’s so astounding. Vitamins A and D are in it that’s incredible for your cells and skin amid the night time. When I wake up my skin feels so revived. Wrinkles have diminished a ton which is additionally a awesome feeling. This item is completely astounding.


In case you’re seeking out for an fair review then let me edify you a bit. The word microalgae may well be unprecedented to you but it is what I have been looking for in a skincare item. It is really a combination of ocean growth and green growth found within the foot of the ocean that’s very beneficial to the skin. You might have seen phlorotannins in skincare items; well this one is its common frame that retains UV light for the skin to assist neutralize the free radicals and oxidants. What’s the advantage you inquire, well it makes it shows up more youthful with a obvious decrease in wrinkles. So what more does a lady needs! Greatly in adore with item! Exceedingly Prescribed


This moisturizer did such extraordinary things for my skins that I too included the cleanser and serum into my day by day schedule. Wow. My skin is so delicate and most of my breakouts have cleared up. I had been chasing for something to assist my issue skin (which is sleek beneath a few exceptionally dry layers) and presently I have found a item that works fantastically for both sleek and dry skin!

Highly Recommended!!

If you are looking for an honest review then let me enlighten you a bit. The word macroalgae might be uncommon to you but it is what I have been searching for in a skincare product. It is actually a combination of seaweeds and algae found in the bottom of the sea that is quite beneficial to the skin. You might have seen phlorotannins in skincare products; well this one is its natural form that absorbs UV light for the skin to help neutralize the free radicals and oxidants. What’s the benefit you ask, well it makes it appears younger with a visible reduction in wrinkles. So what more does a gal wants! Extremely in love with product! Highly Recommended!

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