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clinical | 15% vitamin c | face creamserum

snabbabsorberande probiotiskt cremeserum, framställt med 5% askorbylglukosid och 5% askorbinsyra ger styrkorna hos ett serum i en creme.

cremeserums har 100% hudaktiva ingredienser (ingen traditionell bas). De är vattenfria, probiotiska, lecitinbaserade och 100% rena - endast med naturliga / ekologisk kvalitetsoljor / extrakt och hudaktiva ämnen i hög koncentration. Produkterna tillverkas med ultraljudsteknik för att skapa en mikro-lamellstruktur som möjliggör bättre hudpenetrering av hudaktiva ämnen

  • probiotika från kefir med vatten 
  • tillverkad med fosfolipider från lecitin 
  • produkten är 85% naturlig och 76% ekologisk
  • ren formel (ingen mikroplast, inga nasties, inga tillsatser, inga allergener)

användning: applicera i ansiktet och massera in försiktigt tills det är helt absorberat. Använd morgon och kväll eller vid behov
hudtyp : alla
hud bekymmer : uppljusande och föryngring
formulering : creme
markerad ingrediens: askorbinsyra och askorbylglukosid

ingredienser (inci):

aloe barbadensis (ekologisk) fermentlysat (bifida, laktobaccillus, leuconostoc, saccharomyces), olea europaea (oliv) olja (ekologisk), askorbylglukosid, pentylenglykol (humektant, naturligt), askorbinsyra (vitamin c), hydrerad fosfatidylkolin (lecitin) , naturligt), glycerin (fuktighetsbevarande, naturligt), capryl / capric triglycerid (mct olja, naturligt), butyrospermum parkii (shea) smör (ekologiskt), leontopodium alpinum (edelweiss) extrakt (naturligt), equisetum arvense (fräken) extrakt (naturligt) laminaria ochroleuca (alger) extrakt (naturligt), acetylhexapeptid-8, palmitoyl-pentapeptid-4

produkten är 85% naturlig och 76% ekologisk

Formler kan vara föremål för uppdateringar. Kontrollera förpackningen

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I apply this product to my face and neck every night and my skin is different. I am surprised by the lightness of this serum. I expected it to be oily but it wasn't. Good product, I will buy it again.


I am in love with this product now my skin looks fresh and I don't look tired anymore since I use this product, I will continue using it for a long time.


There are many benefits of vitamin C from preventing the appearance of wrinkles, reducing the signs of aging, to improving the brightness of our face. All this thanks to the antioxidant that vitamin C contains, after investigating all its benefits I bought this cream and it has gone wonderfully.


From the beginning I was skeptical of this product, because it was not a recognized brand, but I gave it a try and I noticed a lot of difference after using this brand for 3 weeks. My skin is more vibrant and it helps with the discoloration, it is worth trying.


I've been using the same brand for a long time and a few weeks ago I asked for this one out of curiosity and wow, I'm surprised my skin is very healthy and has a nice glow.


It’s troublesome to discover Vitamin C serums that do not contain witch hazel, which is drying for develop skin. Progressed Clinicals is one of the few that doesn’t contain witch hazel; hence the reason for my buy. I’d attempted three other Vitamin C serums sold on Amazon that didn’t feel like they did much of anything. Be that as it may, with Progressed Clinicals, you’ll be able feel it go to work right after application. No burning or stinging but or maybe a feeling that the item is dynamic on the skin. I neglected to check whether Progressed Clinicals may be a cruelty-free company, which I lean toward. In case they are, at that point I will most certainly buy this item again.


I have hundreds of dollars of creams and wrinkle reducers in my conceit. NONE of them work like this bottle of vitamin C serum; I utilize this serum with “Boots #7 ensure & Idealize Seriously serum.(in the morning) I purchase this at target. At night I do the same thing, vitamin c serum,. Wait til its dry, and utilize Boots #7 Ensure & Idealize Seriously night cream. I attempted everything. THIS WORKS!!


I have attempted a part of other clinical excellence items but nothing worked superior in cleaning the debasements from my skin. Some time recently the utilize of this wonderful item, my skin was greatly uneven with imperfection but after a number of weeks of utilize, I begun taking note the changes showing up on my skin. It has made my confront more clear and shinning and the imperfection on my skin has nearly vanished presently. The 1 % mastic in its fixings demonstrated to be super-efficient and awesome for an sleek skin sort like me. I have made the utilize of this item essential in my morning and night schedule. I Will doubtlessly arrange once more as before long as I ran out of the serum!!! Thanks!!!!!


To survey this at slightest a few one ought to utilize it for 3months. It’s exceptionally exorbitant item each entryway taken a toll itself in 30-50rupees run consequently utilize with nearly care. Typically not day by day item ought to be utilized after derma rolling for 2~5days depends on level of needle utilized.


To survey this at slightest a few one got to utilize it for 3months. It’s exceptionally exorbitant item each entryway taken a toll itself in 30-50rupees run thus utilize with nearly care. Typically not day by day item ought to be utilized after derma rolling for 2~5days depends on level of needle utilized.

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