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clinical | clear face creamserum | 1% mastic

snabbabsorberande probiotiskt ansikts-creamserum med 1% mastikolja

ger styrkorna hos ett serum i en creme.

creamserums har 100% hudaktiva ingredienser (ingen traditionell bas). De är vattenfria, probiotiska, lecitinbaserade och 100% rena - endast med naturliga / ekologiska kvalitetsoljor / extrakt och hudaktiva ämnen i hög koncentration. Produkterna tillverkas med ultraljudsteknologi för att skapa en mikrolamellstruktur som möjliggör bättre penetrering av hudaktiva ämnen

cremen hjälper till att minska tecken på oren hud och finnar utan alkohol som torkar ut huden. Orenheter/finnar orsakas ofta av bakterier som finns naturligt på hudytan.

  • 1% mastikolja från mastikträd (naturligt)
  • 1% centella asiatica hämmar ytterligare hudinflammation på grund av dess anti-bakteriella egenskaper (naturliga)
  • 5% niacinamid (vitamin b3)
  • 1% bakuchiol (naturligt babchixtrakt, en retinol-a-liknande)
  • komplex av alger, fräken och edelweiss-extrakt samt matrikinpeptider
  • probiotika från kefirkorn i vatten (bifida, laktobacillus, leuconostoc, sackaromyces)
  • tillverkad helt med naturliga fosfolipider
  • ren (fri från mikroplast, nasties, tillsatser och allergener)
  • vegansk, cruelty free och doftfri (naturlig doft från mastikolja)

användning: applicera i ansiktet och massera in försiktigt tills det är helt absorberat. Använd morgon och kväll eller vid behov
hudtyp : normal till fet
hudproblem : oren eller finnar
formulering : creme
markerad ingrediens: mastikolja


ingredienser (inci):

aloe barbadensis (ekologisk) fermentlysat (bifida, laktobaccillus, leuconostoc, saccharomyces), olea europaea (oliv) olja (ekologisk), pentylenglykol (fuktighetsbevarande, naturlig), hydrerad fosfatidylkolin (lecitin, naturlig), niacinamid (vitamin b3), glycerin (fuktighetsbevarande, naturlig), pistazia lentiscus (mastik) gummiolja (naturlig), centella asiatica-extrakt (naturlig), capryl / capric triglycerid (mct olja, naturlig), butyrospermum parkii (shea) smör (ekologisk), leontopodium alpinum (edelweiss ) extrakt (naturligt), equisetum arvense (fräken) extrakt (naturligt), laminaria ochroleuca (alger) extrakt (naturligt), acetylhexapeptid-8, palmitoyl pentapeptid-4

produkten är 98% naturlig och 85% ekologisk

Observera att ingredienslistor kan ändras eller variera från tid till tid. Se ingredienslistan på produktpaketet du får för den senaste uppdaterade ingredienslistan

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I bought it out of curiosity and it has worked very well, 1 month of use and I notice a difference in the skin on my face. I will definitely continue to use this product


This cream has achieved visible changes in my skin, I have a routine of application both in the morning and at night, and has reduced in all these 3 weeks of use considerably some marks of my face.


What called my attention to this product was the botanical mix it offers. It has helped me with the rehydration of my skin, I will definitely continue using it


I use this cream as a complement to other serums and it works wonders for me. Recommended for the care of dry skin.


This item includes a botanical scent. It is labeled “fragrance-free” but it certainly encompasses a solid scent, which took 10 incredible washes to induce off of my skin. It does list “chrysanthemum juice” as an fixing, and I think this can be the fragrance. In the event that you would like an unscented item, see somewhere else. This is often interesting to me since Aveeno is ordinarily a go-to for their customary fragrance-free customary moisturizer, which really IS fragrance-free


I bought this item and was energetic to undertake it since of its interesting botanical mix. After attempting it for two evenings, my confront feels rehydrated. After a week, my confront is unquestionably restored and more conditioned. I will certainly buy once more.


Best serum! I have attempted a parcel of other clinical magnificence items but nothing worked way better in cleaning the debasements from my skin. Some time recently the utilize of this wonderful item, my skin was greatly uneven with imperfection but after many weeks of utilize, I begun taking note the changes showing up on my skin. It has made my confront more clear and shinning and the imperfection on my skin has nearly vanished presently. The 1 % mastic in its fixings demonstrated to be super-efficient and incredible for an sleek skin sort like me. I have made the utilize of this item fundamental in my morning and night schedule. I Will without a doubt arrange once more as before long as I ran out of the serum!!! Thanks


I bought this item and was enthusiastic to undertake it since of its special botanical mix. After attempting it for two evenings, my confront feels rehydrated. After a week, my confront is certainly revived and more conditioned. I will certainly buy once more..


Encompasses a Great consistency. Exceptionally light. Doesn’t take off a sticky or overwhelming feeling like that of a cream or lotion. I wished it were unscented. I don’t need to be putting superfluous fixings on my face. The bundling is additionally greatly intemperate. The pot is way greater than what is required to hold the sum of item. Yes it gives it an costly see and feel, but it’s fair not essential. In case it works, it works. There’s no require for tricks and mental promoting to undertake to offer this. We all know it costs pennies to make.

best serum!

I have tried a lot of other clinical beauty products but nothing worked better in cleaning the impurities from my skin. Before the use of this heavenly product, my skin was extremely uneven with blemish but after a few weeks of use, I started noticing the changes appearing on my skin. It has made my face more clear and bright and the blemish on my skin has almost vanished now. The 1 % mastic in its ingredients proved to be super-efficient and great for an oily skin type like me. I have made the use of this product necessary in my morning and night routine. I Will surely order again as soon as I ran out of the serum!!! Thanks!!!!!

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