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bio-orgánico | Serum de bakuchiol al 2% | aceite en lecitina

2% de bakuchiol natural 

aceite en lecitina, vegano, sin fragancia. Aceites y extractos naturales y orgánicos de calidad | sin siliconas | activos en alta concentración

ayuda a reducir los signos del envejecimiento cutáneo. El bakuchiol es un compuesto natural similar al retinol, que ayuda a renovar la matriz de la piel para una piel más joven y tersa, reduciendo la apariencia de líneas y arrugas. El producto contiene

  • 2% de extracto de bakuchiol, un compuesto natural similar al retinol
  • extractos de cola de caballo y edelweiss para beneficios antioxidantes
  • elaborado con fosfolípidos vegetales de soja no transgénica
  • Fórmula cleanZero (libre de microplásticos, polímeros, aditivos y fragancias)

uso sugerido: aplicar sobre el rostro y masajear suavemente hasta su total absorción. Úselo por la mañana y por la noche o según sea necesario
tipo de piel: todos los tipos de piel
problema de la piel: envejecimiento
formulación: serum de aceite en lecitina
ingrediente destacado: bakuchiol

El bakuchiol tiene algunas ventajas adicionales en comparación con retinol. Además de una mejor tolerabilidad, también se ha encontrado que tiene efectos antimicrobianos in vitro. Al igual que los retinoides, es antioxidante y antiinflamatorio. ... también es más estable que el retinol, y se ha encontrado que aumenta la estabilidad delmismo (fuente: labmuffin.com)

ingredientes (inci):

triglicérido caprílico / cáprico (aceite mct, natural), bakuchiol (natural), fosfatidilcolina (lecitina, natural), tocoferol (natural), extracto de laminaria ochroleuca (algas) (natural)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I don't usually trust products for all skin types, since that premise is often not true. But this serum changed my mind. I thought it would be a total fraud and a waste of money, but it was a great victory for my crocodile skin face, which I turned into a princess face in a matter of weeks. I'll buy another bottle!


My skin, besides being combined, is a chaos: crow's feet, expression lines, and other age-related problems. The anti-aging product that has worked best for me is this serum. Effective like no other. Within a week, my crow's feet were fading, and my face looked like I was fifteen again! I love it! The only thing that bothers me is its stickiness.


I have forehead wrinkles and oily skin. Two problems that have bothered me for half my life, but to which I found the perfect solution with this product. Since it was an oil, I was afraid it would make my oily skin worse, but nothing to do with it. It erased the wrinkles within a month, and my skin looks like it's never looked before: rejuvenated.


Bakuchiol has the same effects as retinol (which I cannot use). When I knew there was a natural alternative, I looked for the best product according to my criteria, and I came up with this oil serum. It left me speechless... Just massage with this oil for a week and the changes are already evident.


As a collector of anti-aging products, I have tried many, but this one is my favorite, as it combines all the goodness of nature with the effectiveness of a powerful chemical, but without including them. Organic is always better!


Indeed in spite of the fact that I’ve been utilizing this for a week, I am truly upbeat with this serum. It does appear to work like retinol since my skin is delicate within the morning conjointly at night when I utilized retinol. It doesn’t chafe my skin. A little sum is sufficient to cover the confront and it retains fast. Looking forward to seeing the comes about within the long term


I have seen no diverse with this. I have a few spots, one is fair a colossal pimple that has taken until the end of time to recuperate. This serum has in no way made a difference the appearance of my skin. It’s not awful but I can utilize other serums at the division of the cost that surrender the same comes about.


The veracity of any natural skincare item is as it were reasonable on the off chance that it does not contain any unnatural scent in it, and this item fits 100% to that portrayal and that’s why I bought it. Whereas the lion’s share of confront serums have in them hyaluronic corrosive, this one’s a interesting item with bakuchiol extricate that produces it more wondrous to utilize. I’ve been confronting wrinkles issues for months but this item has illuminated my issue. This serum has made my skin not as it were encounter collagen generation that removes wrinkles from the skin to create it see more youthful but moreover has the free-radical neutralization impacts that result in this skin alter to seem normal. I’m feeling so new and more beautiful.


I can’t utilize Retin A so I’m continuously searching for an elective to the medicine version. I have dry, touchy skin. I’ve been employing a serum that costs over 3 times what the Yuni costs, and I cherish the Yuni just as well – and I’m all for sparing cash! This encompasses a slight scent that smells exceptionally great. It splashes in rapidly, completely no sticky feeling, nor is there any sleek feeling. I abhor skincare/serums that feel like they sit on my confront and do nothing. This one by Yuni is idealize. I utilize it on my face, neck region and beneath my eyes and forehead zone. My skin feels so great when I wake up within the morning. I’ll proceed to buy this myself when this bottle is wrapped up.


A companion of mine turned me on to this item. As a man I do concede I am a small unsuccessful around my skin – its continuously been one of my superior highlights haha. Begun utilizing this serum and I have taken note a more advantageous appearance as well as a few of my color has directed! Moreover a few of my minor scars from my skin break out days have begun to see less serious (which I am super satisfied around) all in all I think this item has begun to assist my skin recuperate without having to go to more extreme implies.

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